Terms & Conditions

Trading Time: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM 

Please be aware of the following points:

We are a non-refundable market. Once booked, this is final.

  • Kirribilli Markets is an ‘all-weather’ event. Refunds are not given for wet weather. Please also refer to Weather Conditons paragraph below.
  • Once you have booked you are committed to attend. We do not transfer stalls and/or market dates. For change of mind or error in booking, we do not offer refunds. Stallholders are responsible for their goods. The Kirribilli markets do not accept any responsibility for damage and/or theft of goods.
  • You have 20 minutes in the Loading Zone which operates in Burton St from 6.30am to 8.30am.  Drop and Go only.  Overstayers will prejudice their future location requests.
  • You must have something on your stall by 8.30am – otherwise it is forfeited and can be reallocated.  If you are running late, you must text us before 8.30am. TEXT your name and stall allocation to 0452 367 991.
  •  Extra table, trolleys are available at the market management table located at the end of the building overlooking the Green.
  • The Market has a limited number of Marquees for hire. Please book and pay online.
  • It is very important that you read our full Terms & Conditions below which expand on the Terms and Conditions plus some General Information.
  • Power Supply – Kirribilli markets do not provide power supply to stalls except for Eat Street Food stalls & Gourmet Food Stall# J5 – J10. Power point specification: 15A, 250V and 50Hz

  • We do not rent out clothing racks.
  • Council regulations require each stallholder to have hand sanitiser available at their stall.
  • If you bring your own marquee, please bring your own sandbags. Marquees not allowed inside the tunnel.
  • The Luna Park parking ticket is an all-day single exit ticket.
  • No religious or political stalls at the market. Our market is a shopping market only. We do not allow any political and religious agendas at our markets.
  • Second-hand stallholders please note: The Kirribilli Markets NO LONGER provides Charity bins for the disposal of unsold stock. You MUST take all unsold stock with you. Coat hangers are not allowed and should be put in the red garbage bins instead.
  • Social Media – We pride ourselves on promoting our markets, especially on market day and leading up to our market. We will happily share tags when and if we can, but please remember this is not guaranteed. Our role at the markets is to promote our markets, to encourage market visitors to come and wander around the whole market and check out the array of stalls. Our social media team cannot guarantee you will get exposure on the day. We do encourage you to tag us, as we try and share as much as we possibly can. Social media is a great tool, so please try and promote your products on your Instagram and Facebook. Please also remember to have your social media handle visible on market day.



Information and Terms for operating at The Kirribilli Markets (these must be adhered to at all times)

Our market is under strict Covid restrictions which must be adhered to by all stallholders at all times – these need to be followed, to ensure our markets continue operating.

Please note
1. We do NOT supply sandbags.
2. If you are using your own Marquee you MUST ensure that it is secured with weights. Pegging not allowed on the ground.
3. You must take with you ALL unsold items and all rubbish. Please do not leave your allotment.
4. Please Do not put your unsold items into the Markets Rubbish Bins.
5. If you do need to contact the Market Staff, you can Text on 0452 367 991
6. If you are not happy with market staff response you can email markets@kirribilli.org.au
attention GM. Or ask the market staff to call me.
7. You must have something to sell on your stall by 8.30am.

Covid safe requirements at the market
You must get to the market before 8.15 to unload your goods. Burton Street will be closed to traffic
at 8.30am sharp to set up the food sitting area.
When you get to the markets you can either come into burton street or park along Alfred street
south to unload your goods. If you come into Burton Street, please follow the instructions of our
traffic controllers at all times. If you are given an instruction by a traffic controller please follow
them immediately.

Please do not do the following

1. Do not double park in Alfred Street South. This is illegal and will cause traffic congestion.
2. Do not turn right into Burton Street from Alfred Street South. Please go to the roundabout at
Lavender Street and return down Alfred Street South to turn left into Burton Street.
3. Do not queue in the bus stop at the head of Burton Street on Alfred Street South.
4. Your co-operation in these matters will greatly help in the smooth operation of the market.
If you are unloading in Burton Street you have 15 minutes to unload your stock and leave
the street.

5. You must not have more than two (2) people working at your stall at any one time unless
you have permission to have more from market management.
6. All stalls must provide customers with hand sanitiser.
7. Social distancing must be followed at all times. You have the right and responsibility to
ensure that it is being followed by your customers at all time.
8. You should also practise social distancing between you and other stallholders.
9. Discourage the handling of goods on your stall and if a customer does handle them you must
sanitise them immediately afterwards.
10. Sanitise your hands regularly and wear a mask.
All stallholders must wear a mask to protect themselves and their customers from the possibility of
air born transmission of the virus.

Tables & Marquee’s
Tables and marquees are given out at the management tent located beside the old bowling club
building from 6:30 onwards. You must return tables and marquees by 3.30pm. Any tables/marquees not returned after this time will be taken by market staff and your name and stall# will be recorded.

If you are wanting to hire an extra table, we have limited numbers available so the earlier you get to
the market the better your chance is of getting them.
Please be aware that glass mirrors are banned from being used on the green & gravel areas of the
market due to the possibility of breakage. This rule is strictly policed.

At the end of the day
At the end of the market you need to have your stall fully packed up before you bring your car into
Burton Street to load.
Doing this will alleviate congestion and make your exit from the market site much faster and easier.

Food stallholders notice
Food stallholders must strictly follow all health regulations and standards at all times.
Each food stall must provide hand sanitiser for the use of their customers.
Please encourage the use of tap to pay with your stall money transactions.
You must have your stall fully packed up before you bring your car in to load your goods. also please
collapse all boxes before placing them in the recycling bins. if you use plastic bread trays please take
them with you when you leave.
All food vendors in eat street must stop trading and start packing up at 3pm sharp.

Supply –
markets do not provide power supply to stalls except for Eat
Street Food stalls & Gourmet Food Stall# J5 – J10

A message to all second-hand/new stallholders
Please be aware that shoplifters are active in the Market, especially during the morning set up
period. The way they work is as you are setting up a group of people will crowd around your stall like
seagulls being thrown a chip. Whilst you are distracted by people asking you how much items are,
they will hold them up in front of you, others will be helping themselves to your goods. 

Stallholders are responsible for their goods.

The Kirribilli markets do not accept any responsibility for damage and/or theft of goods.

Ways you can help stop this
1. Keep your items covered when you are unpacking. A good thing to do is cover them with
those orange garden clean up bags. You can push the coat hanger hooks through the top of
the bag and hang them on your racks.
2. If people start crowding around your stall tell them to move away until you are set up in a
very firm and loud voice. If they persist continue telling them in an even louder voice. They
do not like attention being drawn to them.
3. Be aware of people with large over the shoulder bags that wrap halfway around their body.
These are used to slip goods into.
4. If a customer wishes to try on an item in the change rooms, ask them for a photo ID as
surety. If they say they don’t have any don’t let them take the item. Many items go to the
change rooms and some never come back.

WEATHER CONDITIONS:  Our markets are all weather markets, are advertised to
the public as operating ‘rain, hail or shine’ and as such will operate
irrespective of weather conditions.  Inclement weather is no excuse for non-attendance.
 As a market stallholder you have an obligation to attend the market.
 This is not only paramount to the success of the market but also supports
fellow stallholders who trade and rely heavily on the market as a source of
income.  It is the stallholder’s responsibility to ensure that their
product is protected and that they have all the necessary equipment on hand to
do so (i.e., gazebo sides, weights to secure gazebo etc).
  Management requires that all stallholders plan against adverse
weather conditions such as rain, wind, cold and heat and ensures that
appropriate safety and wet weather procedures are in place.  Market
Management, its operator/s, staffs, agents and/or assigns shall not be liable
for loss or damage to stock and/or equipment however caused.

We thank you for your support and we hope that you enjoy your Market.

Kirribilli Markets Team.